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Chair of Governor’s Peer Review

An opportunity to be part of a new process where professionally facilitated triads of Chairs of Governors will meet to support and collaborate with each other to review and develop their role to support strong school governance. Each of the three Chair of Governors completes a DGP questionnaire on the following areas:

  • How do you give your governing body a clear lead and direction, ensuring that the governors work as an effective team and understand their accountability and the part they play in the strategic leadership of the school and in driving school improvement?
  • How do you build the team: attracting governors with the necessary skills and ensuring that tasks are delegated across the governing body so that all members contribute, and feel that their individual skills, knowledge and experience are well used and that the overall workload is shared?
  • How have you built your relationship with the headteacher: Being a critical friend by offering support, challenge and encouragement, holding the headteacher to account and ensuring the headteacher’s performance management is rigorous and robust; a good comparison is with the role of the chair of a board of trustees who works with the chief executive of an organisation but does not run day-to-day operations?
  • How do you carry out your role in improving your school: ensuring school improvement is the focus of all policy and strategy and that governor scrutiny, monitoring and challenge reflect school improvement priorities?
  • How do you lead the business: ensuring that statutory requirements and regulations are met, that the school provides value for money in its use of resources and that governing body business is conducted efficiently and effectively?

Completed questionnaires are shared in confidence by email with the two others in the review plus the experienced external facilitator (who is also a Chair of Governors). These are then presented and reviewed at half a day peer review meeting of the three chairs with the external facilitator with each chair taking a turn at being constructively and supportively questioned by the others about their answers to clarify what is working well and identify areas for development. Experience shows that chairs involved in this process learn as much from acting as a reviewer as they do from being the reviewee. Each Chair of Governors will leave the session with areas for development identified within a personal action plan.


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