The benefits of becoming a school governor

Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country. It is our responsibility to act in the best interest of all of the pupils in the school. As an individual governor you have no authority to act unless the board has delegated the power to you.


  • Experience of strategic planning and development
  • Setting aims and objectives for reaching ambitious goals
  • Working with  a diverse team , performance management and recruitment of senior leaders
  • Financial planning , budget control and setting pay and key performance indicators  KPUs
  • Gaining greater w=awareness of school systems
  • Being part of debates and asking challenging questions to support school improvement
  • Getting to know the community in which you live and or work
  • Using your existing skills in a different way

Excerpts from the NGA National Governors Association

What people say about us ...

"I really enjoyed these sessions, informative, well delivered."
— Induction training for Governors
"Great tips."
— Practical Skills of chairing a meeting
"Handouts very useful and will form the basis of discussion with my GB."
— Understanding Performance Data

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